Past Projects and Use Cases

Artificial intelligence

We worked with Intel extensively on Computer Vision, use cases such as car plate, emotion recognition, people counter, etc


AI on PC project

  • Object detection in image/video

  • Object recognition in image/video

  • Object classification in image/video



​We are keen on finance sector and providing our expertise such as advanced data analytic techniques to help our clients build and optimize their financial services.

  • ​Trend prediction

  • Market analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • User analysis

  • Financial analysis

Smart health

We worked with one of the biggest Chinese Mattress Companies - Sieemon

Smart Mattress Project

  • App Development

  • Market Research

  • Strategic Enterprise Transformation


smart city Platform

We have numerous connections in North America, especially in Silicon Valley in addition to our professional team with years of experience, we can introduce you and integrate frontier technology on smart city construction. Our smart city platform has the secure big data monitoring and packet capturing capability on IoT devices. We also have the advanced data analytic techniques that can help your city grow more securely and effectively.